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The ships that I served aboard

USS Farragut DLG-6 left and USS Joseph K Taussig DE-1030 right.

The USS Farragut was a coontz class missile destroyer of multirole capabilities. Her armament included a twin terrier missile launcher on the fan tail, torpedoe launchers port and starboard amidships, as well as an asroc launch system, and a 5-54 gun
forward. This gave her surface to surface, surface to air, as well as anti submarine warfare capabilities making her quite versatile with an ability to take on a variety of mission situations. The USS Farragut was a very good ship and I am proud to have served aboard her. To the best of my knowledge she was decomissioned in 1989.

The USS Joseph K Taussig was a Dealy class destroyer escort. Her armament included two 3'' guns forward, a drone helicopter capable of launching torpedoes,as well as depth charge rack on fan tail. The Taussig was a very good ship also
and I am proud to have served aboard her also. The USS Joseph Taussig was a participant in the Cuban blockade during
the Cuban missile crisis. She was decomissioned several years ago but I am unsure of year.

Links to sites of Veterans organizations I belong to.
American Legion
Tin Can Sailors