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Herb and Nancy's Web Site Review

Our Award Plaque

Welcome to Herb and Nancy's Site Review.The intention of this section of the Possum Ridge Gazzette is to recogonize outstanding web sites on the www and present our award to those sites that we find are exceptional in our opinion and worthy of special recognition.To qualify a site has to have good informative and intertaining content,good web site design,a good balance of graphics ( not overly loaded down ) and of course no adult oriented material. ( adult sites will not be considered) A site must convey the intent to provide a wholesome service to its visitors be they children or adult. In short a site we would not be afraid for our children to visit. A site that carries our award of excellence will be all this and more you can rest assured. Each winner of our award will be listed in our winners section with a link back to the winners site.

Good Luck, Herbert and Nancy

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Just a short statement will do and don't forget to include your web site address.Winners will receive an email containing the user name and password to access the award claim section.

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Last updated March 27, 2004