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Herb' Electronics Shop Disclaimer

It is the intention of Herb's Electronics Shop and I Herbert L. Stewart to provide our visitors with useful, informative, and intertaining content. How ever neither I Herbert L. Stewart, or Herb's Electronics shop will assume any liability or responsibility for the operation of any project, circuits, or material used by visitors to this sight. Any projects, circuits, or material used by our visitors is solely at their own risk,and the result is solely their own responsibility. While I make every effort to provide Quality content, mistakes can and do happen on ocassion as we are all human, so I feel compelled to include this disclaimer on our sight. As it is not Herb's Electronics shops nor I Herbert L. Stewarts intention to infringe any copyrighted material, in the unlikely event that this should occur it is purely accidental in nature and will be removed from sight imediately if notified at .All such material is the property of it's respective owners, including my own and source will be stated if known. Again I would like to thank you for visiting Herb's Electronics Shop, enjoy your visit and I hope material is both informative and useful to you. Herbert L Stewart

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