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Homebrew Infrared Detector

Here is a nice simple and quick little homebrew project that I ran across once and decided to build.It has served me well in my shop in checking infrared emitters on end of tape sensors in vcr's,remote controls,etc.It could even be used as a science project in science class in school as it would demonstrate that infrared is emitted by ordinary light bulbs,sunlight etc.
Parts List
1- infrared detector, Radio shack 276-142, this package comes with both the emitter and detector you won't need the emitter in this project.
1- standard red light emitting diode (LED) Radio Shack cat. no. 276-044
1-330 ohm 1/4 watt resistor, Radio shack cat. no. 271-1315
1-9 volt snap conector, Radio Shack cat. no. 270-324
1-project case, Radio Shack cat no. 270-213, or suitable case of your choice. I used an old magic marker pen that I removed the felt  from the barrel for mine and it works well. the tip is just about the right diameter for the detector and I ran the 9 volt connector out the other end of marker barrel and just tape the battery to the barrel.I  mounted resistor on a small piece of cardboard that I could insert into the marker barrel, and drilled a small hole in the side of the marker barrel to mount my LED. As the marker is not square and bulky it is easy to get in those tight places to check end of tape sensors on vcr's etc.
1-9 volt battery
Total cost of project approx. $11.00 and time it takes to build.
Enjoy,hope this little projects useful


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