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Herb and Jeff's RC Flight Page


Welcome to Jeff and Herb's Flight Line.With this section of the Possum Ridge Gazzette we hope to introduce an exciting and interesting hobby to our visitors. The world of RC aircraft modeling. We will be bringing you pictures of various RC aircraft, articles and tips on getting started in RC modeling as well as resources for planes and flight equipment.So stay tuned and check back often.

Happy flying! Herb and Jeff


Our plane galleries
Note: Pictures are high Quality and may load slowly.

Herb's Flight box
Herb's Pro Trainer
Herb's Hanger 9 Easyfly 40
Herb's Lanier Rebel
Herb's Zero
Jeff's ultimate Biplane
Herb's US Aircore Colt 40
Herb's Spacewalker
Herb's Spacewalker
Jeff Flying
Jeff's Truck
Jeff's Zero

Our Flight Line Community Board

Jeff and Herb's RC Classifieds

Our Links Page To RC Info and Resources


RC Modeling books you can order.

R/C Pilot's Handbook : Basic to Advanced...

Basics of R/C Model Aircraft Design :...

Model Aircraft Tips and Techniques : An...

Radio Control Airplane Finishing &...

Aircraft Workshop: Learn To Make Models...

Building and Flying Model Aircraft

Excellent sources for kits and modeling equipment.

Give them what they REALLY want!

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Jeff at

Last Updated March 27, 2004